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Relational Coordination Certification

About the Program

The RC Certification process acknowledges individuals who have completed personal/professional education, training, development and practice of RC. The RC certification process is based on relational coordination principles, research, practice, metrics and facilitation of RC to help organizations achieve positive change.IEHSS facilitates the RC certification process by collecting applications to be reviewed by members of the Relational Coordination Collaborative (RCC) board and community. Contact if you are interested in applying for RC Certification. See here for a list of RC Certified Professionals.

Benefits of RC Certification

  • Documentation and recognition of achieving the status of RC Certified Professional.
  • Listing in the RC Certified Professional Directory, with name, affiliation, area(s) of expertise, contact information and photo; a credential demonstrating advanced achievement.
  • Eligibility to teach RCC programs.
  • Eligibility to offer RC certified programs.
  • Permission to use the RC Certified logo indicating certified status.

Certification Levels & Requirements

Application fees and requirements are described below. Note that the cost of the RC Survey is additional and is dependent on the survey provider and project scope.

Contact to apply.

RC Certification Level 1

RC Certification Level 2

RC Certification Level 3

RC Certification Level 4

RC Certification Level 5

RC Certification Renewal