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Resilience and Wellbeing Program

Resilience and Wellbeing Program

Research has shown that team coaches are essential in supporting busy frontline teams to provide care and services and continuously improve their processes and systems. COVID has further reinforced the role of the team coach to offer encouragement, praise, reframing, reminders, and celebrations of efforts to improve healthcare outcomes. Team coaching has always emphasized the “humanistic” side of improvement while implementing and testing technical change. Now more than ever, the “humanistic” side of improvement, including promoting resilience and wellbeing in individuals, teams, leadership and organizations, is essential to support post-COVID burnout, poor morale, mental health challenges and compassion fatigue.

Participants will learn:

  • Key success factors in improving and maintaining resilience and wellbeing for individuals, teams and leaders
  • A structured approach to improving wellbeing of individuals, teams and leaders using the Microsystem Improvement Process (MIP)
  • Capabilities to coach a team to improve resilience and wellbeing
  • Participants will have access to a novel app that assesses both individual AND team resilience and wellbeing and recommends tools and resources.

Who should take this Program?

Anyone who wants to work on their own wellbeing at work or support their team or organization's resilience and wellbeing.

  • Interprofessional team members
  • Front line health care leaders
  • Team coaches
  • Mesosystem leaders/managers
  • C-suite leadership
  • Nurse managers
  • Educators
  • Facilitators
  • Policy makers
  • Community leaders
  • Patients and Families

Program Completion:

Participants who complete the program receive a certificate and a digital badge.

Program Materials:

Coming soon!

Participants are expected to have access to a personal computer, updated software, and reliable internet access. Online learning sessions are conducted via ZOOM, and participants are strongly encouraged to use a web camera during all online learning sessions. Participants will have access to course materials and upload assignments via a learning management platform such as Canvas.

“To succeed in a work environment of rapid change requires workers to be mentally and physically prepared, adaptable, and resilient—in a word, healthy.”
– Institute of Medicine of the National Academies

Resilience and Wellbeing Program Spring 2025

Registration Deadline: December 20, 2024

Times are subject to change based on time zones of participants.

Session 1 (Virtual):

Thursday, January 23, 2025
4-6:15 pm ET

Session 2 (In-Person TBD):
Team coaching, interventions, testing change ideas and re-measuring

Wednesday, March 5 - Friday, March 7, 2025
Arrive on the evening of 3/4 and depart at Noon on 3/7

Session 3 (Virtual):
Report progress/challenges

Thursday, April 3, 2025
4-6:15 pm ET

Session 4 (Virtual):
Report progress/challenges

Thursday, May 1, 2025
4-6:15 pm ET

Session 5 (Virtual):
Reflect and consider organization and leadership interventions

Thursday, June 12, 2025
4-6:15 pm ET

Session 6 (Virtual):
Report progress/challenges and prepare for in-person R&W Network meeting

Thursday, September 18, 2025
4-6:15 pm ET

Session 7 (In-Person TBD):

October 6 - October 7 (In-Person TBD)
Arrive the evening of 10/5 and depart the afternoon of 10/7