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ImproveApp™ is a web-based app that provides easy guidance and support for individuals and teams to start improvement and track progress using a smartphone, tablet or computer. The original idea, developed by Marjorie Godfrey, was to "make it easy" for busy front-line improvement teams to engage and learn improvement methods, track progress, be "coached" through the methods and report results.

Baseline assessment (Quality Improvement Assessment) of improvement capabilities to help individuals, teams and organizations identify knowledge gaps for learning.

Coaches teams through Microsystem Improvement Process, stores and tracks improvement and relevant files.

Helps teams communicate and coordinate with one another.

Easy to use technology to support improvement and helps avoid firewall issues.

Post measures show impact of interventions to increase improvement capabilities.

Keeps organizational leaders informed about team's improvement progress.

Automatically creates charts for PDSA measure tracking and allows printing of progress reports and results.

Uses "in the field" improvers to continuously inform easy-to-use designs to facilitate smooth improvement support.

Measurement dashboards for teams and organizational leaders to track results and identify when there are challenges making improvement to help the improvers.

New Features in Development

  • Individual and team burnout and wellbeing scores to encourage activities and support to develop high-performing and resilient teams.
  • "Push and pull" network communications to make it easy for improvers to reach out to each other for help and to alert the network when teams reach their goals.

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