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Marjorie M. Godfrey, PhD, RN, FAAN, was elected as Vice Chair of the American Academy of Nursing's (AAN) Expert Panel on Quality Health Care to serve as Vice-Chair through the 2024 AAN Annual Health Policy Conference, and then ascend to the role of Chair through the 2026 AAN Annual Health Policy Conference.

The American Academy of Nursing (Academy) serves the public by advancing health policy and practice through the generation, synthesis, and dissemination of nursing knowledge. Academy Fellows are inducted into the organization for their extraordinary contributions to improving health locally and globally. With more than 2,900 Fellows, the Academy represents nursing’s most accomplished leaders in policy, research, administration, practice, and academia. Dr. Godfrey was inducted as a Fellow in 2014.

The Academy's 23 Expert Panels are foundational to the collective knowledge that supports the Academy as a whole. Expert Panels maximize the analytical skills and networks of their members to review the current trends, research, and issues within their field. Individual experts support consensus building, within and across Expert Panels, to create a body of work that impacts sound policy change and is representative of the larger profession. This work can take the form of policy proposals, testimony, manuscripts, policy briefs, recommendations, advocacy papers, position statements, and research agendas.

Updated July 2023: Work in Progress

  • Quality Health Care, Acute & Critical Care, and Building Health Care System Excellence Expert Panels: This consensus paper will use current practice-based data and information to provide tools, resources, and strategies for nurse leaders that may be used in states that are opting to use the legislative process to regulate staffing solutions. This paper will provide a balanced approach to examine innovative models of care reflecting the realities of a post-COVID care environment.
  • Transforming Nurse Staffing in the Midst of a Nation-wide Shortage Research Project: The aim is to publish findings of key staffing data/outcomes collected from Medical/Surgical units, ORs, PACUs and EDs in health care systems across the USA. The research will include simulations in other health care settings using California, Oregon and Washington state staffing ratio models to highlight outcomes to help inform innovative solutions for the nursing shortage.