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We are in our third year at the College of Health and Human Services, University of New Hampshire. We continue to strive to achieve our vision of partnering with complex health and social systems to help populations live a good life in a good place through enhancing and developing individual, student and team capabilities for research, practice, improvement and innovation locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. We are proud of our partnerships with international organizations including a first time international Cystic Fibrosis improvement collaborative that included Turkey, Argentina and Chile. These countries report increased healthcare team dynamics, more organized and disciplined improvement efforts and results all while learning the programs in English.

The eight-month hybrid Team Coaching Program in Saudi Arabia concluded in December 2022 and provided experiences that reinforced clinical microsystem principles and improvement, significance of culture and the importance of clearly defined operational structures and leadership.

The clinical microsystem theory, which IEHSS is grounded in has been emphasized through revisiting the complex multilevel health care systems framework. To help busy frontline interprofessional health care teams, the Team Coaching Model has been updated to include a phase called the “work before the work-WBW” which ensures clarity in engagement with health systems and leaders. These activities are inconsistently addressed, and by adding the WBW phase to the team coaching model, we can regularly emphasize the importance of seeking clarity in engagements with organizations and leaders.

We continue to teach and provide real-life experiences and case studies to graduate and DNP nursing students in the Department of Nursing. We’ve partnered with UNH professors beyond CHHS to support language translation and cultural understanding in the practice settings we work in. Dr. Robert McGrath and his honor student have joined us to explore resilience and wellbeing in the workforce, which will lead to a national presentation in February 2023. The Survey Center at the UNH, UNH Innovation, UNH Continuing Education, the UNH Destiny One team, and the Browne Center have supported multiple IEHSS programs.

Our operating budget is solid with over 20 years of sponsorship from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, service contracts and our core programs promoting improving clinical microsystems, team dynamics, communication, relationships and outcomes. Our team is undergoing some position changes due to career changes which is challenging to our team as we strive to exceed expectations in all of our commitments.

The second half of FY23 will close with scholarly presentations, publications, new programs, a new and improved website and the release of Quality by Design, 2nd Edition.

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Marjorie M. Godfrey, PhD, MS, BSN, FAAN
Research Professor, Department of Nursing andExecutive Director & Founder, Institute for Excellence in Health and Social Systems (IEHSS)
College of Health and Human Services, University of New Hampshire (UNH)