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University of New Hampshire Virtual Nursing Care 101

This new, asynchronous course will examine the essential role the virtual nurse plays in meeting patients’ wholistic health care needs. It provides practicing RNs and nursing students the concepts essential to understanding and implementing virtual nursing care models in the acute care setting. In practice and student learners will explore the foundations of the virtual care nursing care team and identify ways to build trusted relationships with their patients and teams in a virtual care setting.

What sets this virtual course apart is the inclusion of theoretical frameworks of care delivery models (Watson’s Caring Science, O’Rourke Role-Based Professional Practice) and practices to become a more effective communicator, manage conflict, and identify ways to work collaboratively within the hybrid interprofessional team (Schein, Gittell's Relational Coordination).

Join us to take an exciting step in your career and open the door to new opportunities.

Gay Landstrom , PhD, RN, NEA-BC, FAONL, FACHE, PCC, FAAN, Senior VP and CNO, Trinity Health, Adjunct Research Professor, UNH Department of Nursing
Read more about the implementation of virtual nursing at Trinity Health led by Gay Landstrom in South Florida Hospital News

Marjorie M. Godfrey, PhD, MS, BSN, FAAN, Research Professor, UNH Department of Nursing, Founding Executive Director, Institute for Excellence in Health and Social Systems (IEHSS), Vice-Chair, Quality Health Care Expert Panel, American Academy of Nursing (AAN)

Date OPTIONS (8-week course):
Term 4: March 25-May 6
Term 5: May 28-July 19

Practicing RNS and students who complete the course receive the following:
Microcredential - Digital Badge

Learn more: Email IEHSS.ADMIN@UNH.EDU