About Us

Our Vision & Mission


Partnering with complex health and social systems to help populations live a good life in a good place.


Enhancing and developing individual, student and team capabilities for research, practice, improvement and innovation.



  • Offer core programs (Team Coaching Program, Team Communication and Relationships Program, Relational Dimensions of Improvement and Change and Resilience and Wellbeing Program) and customized programs.
  • Continue to research, teach and apply clinical microsystem theory.
  • Prepare interprofessional learners to be the future workforce through educational, leadership and team coaching programs that leverage applied and deliberate learning between practice and research.
  • Develop meaningful relationships with health care providers, patients, their families, and communities.
  • Meet systems, teams, patients, their families, learners and communities where they are with customized programs that acknowledge their experiences and unique contexts.
  • Use action research to explore models of leadership development and team coaching that enable problem-solving, sustainable improvement based in science, and experiential learning.
  • Develop national and international Learning Health System networks to connect leading thinkers and doers.


Improving and disseminating new knowledge widely so others may easily benefit.

Evaluating our work and rapidly incorporating new learning.

Excellent customer service provided to exceed expectations.

Honoring the unique contexts and needs of those we work with.

Seeking equity and collaboration in health and social systems to co-design and improve population health.

Seeking to advance knowledge of continuous sustainable improvement with interprofessional and populations across all levels of health and social systems.