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Registration is now available for Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 IEHSS Programs!

The Team Coaching Program improves the value and quality of health and social systems of care to help and coach frontline interdisciplinary clinical and supporting microsystems with knowledge, processes and tools including the Microsystem Improvement Process (MIP). The program is grounded in multiple disciplines, theories, and original research focused on cultivating improvement and group dynamic capabilities, especially valuable during times of uncertainty and challenge. The discipline of team coaching builds on Edgar Schein’s wisdom in “helping” rather than “telling” what to do.  Engaging in dialogue based on curiosity and humble inquiry to develop supportive relationships, explore new possibilities, innovate, and assess desired improvements is core to the program. Learn more and register here.

The Team Communication and Relationships Program is a unique and innovative program that improves communication, relationships and partnerships among members of health and social systems. This highly interactive program blends didactics, case studies, demonstration, practice, and feedback (including web-based videotaped) to support individual personalized learning experiences to improve communication and relationships within teams and with other teams that you collaborate with. Participants will improve their fundamental communication skills as well as more advanced skills. Learn more and register here.

The Relational Coordination Workshop teaches the fundamentals of applied relational coordination theory through the six stages of change and provides participants the opportunity to “learn by doing.” Learn more and register here.