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The Relational Coordination Collaborative (RCC) hosted its 11th Annual Roundtable from November 10-12, 2021, with the theme “Engaging Those We Serve: Resilience, Wellness and Relationships in a Changing World.” The virtual event was attended by practitioners, students, faculty, and researchers from organizations worldwide - US, Australia, Denmark, China, and more. Sectors represented included multiple healthcare settings, a fire department, municipalities, and education. The great work showcased many of the elements that contribute toward helping people live a good life in a good place.

Keynotes (pictured above) were given by Erik Hollnagel, PhD (Resilient Systems+, Macquarie University, Institute for Advanced Study of the Technische Universitat München), Edgar Schein, PhD (MIT, Organizational Culture and Leadership Institute) and Peter Schein, MBA (Organizational Culture and Leadership Institute) and Marie-Elizabeth Ramas, MD, FAAFP (Aledade Health and Gatehouse Treatment Center.).

We heard from Jean Bartunek, PhD (Boston College), Amy Edmondson, PhD (Harvard Business School), Jody Hoffer Gittell (Brandeis University), Garima Sharma, PhD (Georgia State University), Pratima Bansal, PhD (Western University and Network for Business Sustainability), Shyamal Sharma (Brandeis University) and Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, PhD (University College London, Columbia University, ManpowerGroup, DeeperSignals and Metaprofiling) in a special panel called Social Scientists Confronting Global Crises (initiated by Edgar Schein and pictured above).

Mindfulness Activity – Drawing with your non dominant hand with Jamie Cary

Mindfulness activities and breaks were sprinkled throughout the event to provide tools and a chance to pause and reflect. For example, Jamie Cary, BA, CCLS hosted an activity that included drawing with your non-dominant hand (pictured above).

A very special thank you to the keynotes, panelists, presenters and moderators who supported this event.