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IEHSS has released a Midyear report that summarizes our work from October 2020 - December 2021. Please see below for a message from Executive Director, Margie Godfrey, and a link to the full report.

A message from the Executive Director


The past six months have been filled with many activities and emotions that none of us anticipated due to the global COVID-19 pandemic bearing down on all of us personally and professionally. The transition of the Institute for Excellence in Health and Social Systems (IEHSS) occurred while the University of New Hampshire was adapting by implementing new remote programs, testing students and improving operation systems. We are honored and humbled to have this transition occur during such an unprecedented time.

Dean Ferrara has emphasized IEHSS contributions and assets which can support the achievement of CHHS and UNH's vision and mission, including a commitment to pursuing research that contributes to the greater good. UNH embraces hands-on learning, interprofessional collaboration, and private and public partnerships locally and across the world. IEHSS has demonstrated experience applying this vision in all of its activities and has found a welcoming new home at UNH to continue to develop and promote learning at the undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and executive-level within complex health and social systems. Our bold vision is to ultimately help populations to “live a good life in a good place.”

Transitions take time. We are fortunate to have had the support and time to work through many UNH

processes and systems to bring programs and the IEHSS team to UNH. We would not be where we are today without the support of many colleagues in Sponsored Programs, the Business Service Center, UNHInnovation, Department of Nursing, Communications, and Marketing, and we are grateful. In a short six months, with daily change emerging at UNH due to the pandemic, these colleagues have guided and supported our transition. Of particular note is our primary sponsor, The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, who has been our partner for over 20 years and entrusts us with developing interprofessionals at the front lines to provide and improve care through our development programs. The past year has been extremely challenging for CF pulmonary caregivers as their organizations have pivoted many of them to focus on COVID-19 care.

You will see in this Midyear report that we have been very productive during our transition. We have a team of seven who have thoughtfully contributed to IEHSS's vision, mission, values, and approach. The IEHSS team has worked remotely and demonstrated commitment, resilience, and passion to the mission of IEHSS and CHHS. We also have an extraordinary group of Team Coaches who coach change from around the country by leveraging virtual learning platforms and communication. Due to COVID-19, we have transitioned from hybrid learning to virtual models, and along the way, created virtual processes, tools, materials, and resources to support our partners from over 100 organizations. Our emphasis on interprofessional education and development to create the workforce of the future is evident. Throughout the execution of these learning programs, implementation of change ideas, and development of leaders, we have evaluated our influence in formative and summative ways. Evaluation results are not included in this report, but our programs have adjusted along the way based on the feedback and we have multiple reports of achieved outcomes available for review.

We hope this Midyear Report will introduce you to IEHSS, our progress, and what is planned for the next six months.

Thank you,

Marjorie M. Godfrey, PhD, MS, BSN, FAAN

Research Professor, Department of Nursing

Executive Director & Founder, Institute for Excellence in Health and Social Systems (IEHSS)

College of Health and Human Services, University of New Hampshire (UNH) | 603-387-0317 |

Click here to download the full report