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Kathleen Iannacchino Retires After 25 Years of Coaching & Advancing Microsystem Research & Practice


The Institute for Excellence in Health and Social Systems (formerly The Dartmouth Institute Microsystem Academy) announces the retirement of Kathleen Iannacchino from her long and productive team coaching career. Throughout her time at The Microsystem Academy, Kathleen facilitated, taught, and coached individuals and teams worldwide. She specialized in applying the concepts of accelerated change in work improvement in complex environments. She worked closely with healthcare professionals in the process of patient and family engagement in improvement and the communication and relationship aspects of team dynamics and change.

Most recently, Kathleen was a coach for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, focusing CF Lung Transplant Transition system and process improvement in the Learning and Leadership collaboratives. Kathleen has also been faculty for the Team Coaching Program, helping develop team coaches around the world!

“Kathleen is beloved by those who she has worked beside and those who she has taught and coached over 25 years. She will be greatly missed. She has impacted the lives of many patients families, staff and leaders.”

Margie Godfrey, Executive Director, The Institute for Excellence in Health and Social Systems

Kathleen’s virtual retirement celebration was attended by over 40 family, friends, and colleagues from all over the world. Many contributed to a word cloud describing Kathleen, which included “kind,” “wise,” and “mentor” as its top contributions. Kathleen’s next chapter will include teaching yoga to kindergartners and spending time with her grandchildren.

Namaste Kathleen!