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Drs. Margie Godfrey, Robert Zanni, Julie Johnson, Tina Foster, and Randy Messier, (see below for roles and credentials) presented their work on Learning Networks and Coaching Models in Care Improvement at the 10th Annual Virtual Relational Coordination Research Collaborative (RCRC) Roundtable. The presentation discussed the Cystic Fibrosis Lung Transplant Transition Regional Dissemination Network (CF LTT RDN) funded by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. 

Learning Networks and Coaching Models in Care Improvement Presenters

  • Margie Godfrey, Ph.D., Professor & Founder TDIMA, IEHSS, Team Coaching
  • Bob Zanni, MD, Pediatric Pulmonologist & CF Quality Team Coach
  • Julie Johnson, PhD, Professor & CF Quality Team Coach
  • Randy Messier, MT, MSA, Director Team Coaching & CF Quality Team Coach
  • Tina Foster, MD, Professor & Advisor Communication, Relationships, and Improvement Science

The theme of the session was Intervening to Build High Performance Relationships and Outcomes. Presenters described how a combination of assessing and improving communication and relationships based on relational coordination (RC) survey results and technical processes and systems assessments resulted in improved performance and interdisciplinary team dynamics within and between cystic fibrosis (CF) referring and lung transplant programs. View the video presentation to gain insight into lessons learned, recommendations, and key reflections through a case example and discussion with the CF quality coaches who supported this work.

The theme of this year's RCRC Roundtable was Building a Relational Society. Speakers and panelists included Phil Thompson (Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policy Initiatives, City of New York), Elizabeth Teisberg (Executive Director, Value Institute for Health & Care and Professor, Dell Medical School) and Rushika Fernandopulle (Co-Founder, Iora Health). IEHSS was proud to take part in the Roundtable to share and learn from others about the impressive work being done worldwide.