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In partnership with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, the Institute for Excellence in Health and Social Systems (IEHSS) is pleased to announce the 2020-2021 CF Virtual Improvement Program-Fundamentals (VIP-F6) and 2020-2021 Quality Improvement Measurement Intensive (QIMI) series. Both will kick off in November.

VIP-F6 is a 12-month, virtual program that supports teams in reaching their quality improvement (QI) goals. The program culminates with a poster session at the CF Quality Fair convened ahead of the 2021 North American CF Conference (NACFC.)

QIMI provides as-needed, “just in time”, measurement help and guidance to anyone engaged in quality improvement to answer the question – is change an improvement? QIMI sessions also include a review and feedback of abstracts targeted for the North American CF Conference (NACFC).

Though the sessions are online, they are not in a “typical” webinar style. Participants will be engaged in discussions, interactive activities, and breakout sessions. Through years of experience working with teams, the program has been designed to meet teams where they are, in their own unique context.

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