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The Team Coaching Program is grounded in multiple disciplines, theories, and original research focused on cultivating improvement and group dynamic capabilities, especially valuable during times of uncertainty and challenge. The discipline of team coaching builds on Edgar Schein’s wisdom in “helping” rather than “telling” what to do.

Coaches in Training (CITs) in the Program learn:

  • Fundamentals in applied clinical microsystem theory and practice, including the Microsystem Improvement Process (MIP)
  • A structured, organized process (The Team Coaching Model) for coaching interprofessional teams to improve healthcare, communication, relationships, and team dynamics
  • Team coaching skills and capabilities to advance leadership
  • To develop an individualized coaching plan for personal and professional development as a team coach

The Program is an intensive, dynamic, and highly interactive 6-part series. This course's learning sessions took place online with one in-person multi-day session in New Hampshire. To complete the Program, participants must coach one microsystem, attend all sessions and complete a set of final deliverables.



Cassandra Iroz, MS
PhD Student, Northwestern University (USA)

Ann Kellams, MD, IBCLC
Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs, University of Virginia (USA)

Jennifer Leandro, BSN, RN, CPN
Pediatric Pulmonary Nurse Coordinator, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill-Children's Specialty Clinic (USA)

Tiffany Maxey, PA-C, MPAS
​Family Medicine, Hidalgo Medicine Services (USA)

Cathy Mims, MSHQS, RN, BSN
International Program Coordinator, University of Alabama, Birmingham (USA)

Ethan Novikoff, MPH
Quality Improvement Director, Hidalgo Medical Services (USA)

Dan Otero, DBA
CEO, Hidalgo Medical Services (USA)

David Peckinpaugh, MS
Healthcare Operations Leader

Maria Paula Plubatsch, PT
CF Coordinator, Hospital Juan P Garahan (Argentina)