Workforce Development

Workforce Development

“We should be asking the question: How can we unleash the natural energy and creativity of (employees) and help to create the experience of joy and pride at work which is the foundation of service transformation.”

—Helen Bevan, OBE, Director of Service Redesign, NHS Modernisation Agency

Patients, People, Processes, and Patterns are within Clinical Microsystems. Discovering how to unleash the talent, energy and creativity of each employee is key to the success of high performing clinical microsystems and can lead to engaged employees with high satisfaction and morale. Workforce development focuses on diagnosing and improving the worklife within a clinical microsystem to create a work environment that attracts and retains talented employees. The materials in this section will assist you within your clinical microsystem to:

  • Diagnose your current workplace state
  • Develop an action plan to design a more engaged workplace
  • Provide “tips” from leaders to develop leaders who focus on each employee strengths and development
  • Develop the “human resource value chain” of attracting, selecting, orienting, and developing employees.

Examples and tips for “Hiring Smart” and creating interview guides, learning new interview questioning techniques, and tools to learn more about the individual strengths and goals of employees to create development and performance management strategies are also included.


Workforce Presentation with Exercises
How to Ask Questions
Job Person Analyzer
Key Selection Criteria Interview Guides
Key Selection Criteria – UC Davis Example
Workforce Development References

Blank Interview Guides

Blank Interview Guide
Manager Interview Guide
PACU Interview Guide
Receptionist Interview Guide