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Ashleigh King

Ashleigh King

Program Coordinator

Ashleigh is a Program Coordinator with The Dartmouth Institute Microsystem Academy (TDIMA).  Her current program coordination includes the TDIMA eCoach-The-Coach program, From Tools to Relationships communication program, Cystic Fibrosis Canada, St James’s Hospital in Dublin, Ireland, Quality Registry Center Stockholm.  Ashleigh coordinates all aspects of these team coaching and improvement collaboratives.  

Ashleigh has an engineering background and a strong interest in blending engineering and health care to improve and redesign health care systems, products and services.  She interned at the Dartmouth Biomedical Engineering Center in 2007 to focus on prosthetic joint replacement improvements.  During her undergraduate education at Smith College, Ashleigh focused on designing devices to detect fatal diabetic conditions.

Ashleigh is enrolled in the Master’s in Public Health program at The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice the Fall of 2016 with an aim of linking health care systems and improvement to engineering to discover new innovation and designs.